Jessie Frye - Angel

Angel por Jessie Frye

Letra/Lyrics - Jessie Frye - Angel

You make me nervous but I think I love it

Late at night you say you want to see my softer side
Oh baby, but a sharp shooter ain't easy to talk down
A sad charade spinning 'round inside a dark parade
Oh baby, but an honest touch can help set you free

I've got these wings that I don't use
I know I'm not the girl next door
But I could love you
I'm not an angel
Boy you make me nervous But I think I love it
Knowing inside we click so well
Oh I'm not an angel

Lately I am trying to be tough
But it is wearing thin
My halo doesn't match my thick skin
A lover's trust
If you're in my bed I feel like you're the one
But maybe that's what gets me into trouble every time

When you call me up
With a glass of wine
I want be there for you baby
Every single time
And when I say your name it's like I say the truth
I want you to see right through me baby



  • Gosto disto! Synthwave?

  • Sim, descoberta recente, talvez gostes de NINA?
    Imagine que o som te lembre do teu tempo, mas synthwave tem mais que se lhe diga, reminiscente da cultura de videojogos etc. @editor, Tag para Synthwave?

  • Este estilo certamente lembra aquelas músicas de fundo nos salões de jogos!

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